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Chronic pain creates limits to your mobility, to your ability to work, to your life. Debilitating pain prevents you from participating in the activities you enjoy, so don't wait! We want you to live without limits. Through our personalized, holistic, patient-driven chiropractic care, we will work together to get you free from pain. Request a consultation to start your journey to long-term wellness today.

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Comprehensive Care after One Consultation

Step One to living without limits: Schedule your consultation. At your consultation, Dr. Steve will get to know you, your pain, and your goals. From there, we will create an up-front, comprehensive, individualized plan for your journey to wellness, with pricing information available from the start.

Experience Relief in a Single Visit

Is your pain stopping you from doing the activities you enjoy? After creating your map to wellness, Dr. Steve will work meticulously to resolve your issues. Prepare to experience relief, even after a single adjustment. Each visit builds toward your goals of long-term wellness.

A Clear Process with Clearer Results

Dr. Steve will carefully listen and tailor each adjustment to your individual needs. He will clearly explain each step in your adjustments, your progress, and your treatment plan. At-home exercises are rarely necessary to get out of pain, but if they are, Dr. Steve will direct you to the best resources available.

Dr. Steve's Diploma from Life University's College of ChiropracticDr. Steven Goedeke, a Local, Independent Chiropractor Located in Grandville, Michigan.
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A Passion for Holistic, Innovative Healing

Dr. Steven Goeddeke has been helping folks in the Grandville and Grand Rapids areas to live without limits for over a decade. Dr. Steve's care is the best of gentle, specific adjustments. His testing will demonstrate your progress on every visit. Dr. Steve's passion for innovative healing has helped hundreds of patients find freedom from pain.


Hundreds of Satisified Patients

I have suffered from chronic back and neck pain for over 20 years and basically just learned to deal with it. Finally decided to try chiropractic care as I wasn't even sure it would help and what a complete 180 in my quality of life, in just a few visits with Dr. Steve I felt a drastic change and after a few weeks I am 95% pain free! Absolutely life changing! Nice atmosphere and comprehensive care plan I was able to adjust to my schedule. He is very skilled and you can tell he actually cares. It's also convenient massage therapy is offered in the office as well. Highly recommend!
Lauren B
Living Without
Living without Back & Neck Pain
If you are in pain you need to take a minute and call Dr. Steve at accel chiropractic in Grandville Mi. My hip pain was limiting my mobility and restricting my daily activities and now after 13 treatments I feel better than I have in years. Dr. Steve has a gift and I feel blessed to be on the receiving end of his ability to zone in on the triggers that cause pain and treat them effectively! Do yourself a favor and give Dr. Steve a chance to improve your life!!
Lou Ann Wood
Living Without
Living without Hip Pain
I am 74 years old and have had pain in my hip joint so severe it was difficult to walk. Dr. Steve has been an incredible help! Not only does he treat your pain, he treats the whole person. The staff is super friendly, appointments are easy to set. I have been to a lot a chiropractors in my many years, and this office is by far the best. Highly recommend!
Judi Taylor
Living Without
Living without Back & Joint Pain
My wife and I have waited too many years to seek help for the pain that has been keeping us from the activities that we enjoy doing. After a few visits with Dr Steve we have both seen improvements with mobility and strength. My wrist and shoulder pain has gotten better. A wonderful side effect from the adjustments, less headaches for both of us.
Rick Boomsma
Living Without
Living without Wrist & Shoulder Pain
Dr. Steve has helped me with my headaches and pain tremendously. Before seeing him I'd have 3-6 migraines a week, now after seeing I'm I've had one or two in the last 12 weeks! I had such bad sciatica pain from working on my feet all day, it was so unbearable. I hardly have to worry about working extra hours now. Chiropractor care is a process, but with hard work and determination you can feel better too!
Skyy Lofquist
Living Without
Living without Leg Pain
Dr. Steve has done wonders for me. Just over a year ago I was having serious trouble with my shoulder ... chronic pain and losing function. He listened and worked on my condition over the next 4-to-8 weeks and I was in less pain and had more function ... by the end of the 3rd month my shoulder pain was basically gone and I had my function back. Don't believe the lie that there is nothing you can do for your pain and loss of function ... go see Dr. Steve!!!
Dan Kallman
Living Without
Living without Shoulder Pain
Dr. Steve was different right from the first visit. He did a flexibility exam to see where my baseline was and built up from there. Each visit he tested the strength of these areas and how they interacted to determine what adjustments he would make that visit. I had suffered from chronic back pain that was beginning to effect the way I lived my life- and no other chiropractor seemed to be able to resolve. After my FIRST visit with Dr. Steve I began to see IMMEDIATE improvement and am definitely on the road to a better, well rounded and recovered life!
A. Shepard
Living Without
Living without Back Pain
Dr. Steve uses both manual adjustments and computer controlled low force mechanical impulses to gently mobilize spinal joints that are not moving properly. He will do both or one or the other. It always resolves my neck and lower back pains. He is always kind and thoughtful and listens and discusses any problems I have. He really knows what he is doing and I highly recommend Accel.
Brenda Wenerski
Living Without
Living without Neck & Lower Back Pain
In August I injured my right shoulder pretty bad. I decided to have Dr. Steven Goeddeke work on it. Due to the severeness of the injury, I wasn't sure if there was much that could be done besides possible surgery which is something I want to avoid. Each adjustment I recieve I get greater range of motion and the pain is lessened. Without the adjustments that Dr. Goeddeke provides, a lot of my day-to-day activities such as teaching, holding my son, getting dressed, driving, and more would be negatively effected.
Felicia Caldwell
Living Without
Living without Shoulder Pain