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Personalized Chiropractic Care that Gets Results

Holistic chiropractor serving Grandville, Grand Rapids, and greater West Michigan

Comprehensive Plans with Upfront Pricing

Patient-Driven, Comprehensive Care Plans for Any Budget

Schedule your consultation today to meet Dr. Steve and create your comprehensive roadmap to wellness.

Our plans are patient-driven, meaning that we never push you to take on more sessions than you're comfortable with. Our costs are always up-front.

Our goal is to quickly show you (not just tell you) what chiropractic can do for you. We want to be a trusted partner in your long-term health journey, but trusting us should not be necessary - you should FEEL the results!

At the office, you will learn "the nuts and bolts" of how chiropractic works, so you know what to expect at every stage, no matter what type of care you choose.

A smiling patient at Accel Chiropractic checks in at their location in Grandville, Michigan.  The administrator explains their cost-of-care packages to her.
A Patient at Accel Chiropractic is tested to see if the results of their recent session show.

A Chiropractor that Gets Measurable Results

See Real Progress from Day One

From your very first adjustment, you'll experience relief from your pain. As your sessions progress, Dr. Steve will track your progress to provide measurable data on your road to long-term healing and wellness.

Clear Explanations and Patient-Led Healing

Take the Healing Home with After-Visit Exercises

Dr. Steve has found that when chiropractic is performed properly, exercises and stretches are rarely necessary to make fast and lasting progress. That being said, Dr. Steve has a wealth of knowledge regarding exercise and nutrition, and is always happy to explore those topics with you.

The Chiropractor stands in front of a whiteboard and explains the process of his care to a patient.

Flexible, Accesible Scheduling

Scheduling shouldn't get in the way of your healing! That's why our friendly office staff is always available to help with scheduling, cancellations, rescheduling, and answering questions.

Upfront, Budget-Friendly Pricing

Our patient-led plans will never lock you into a number of sessions or push you to commit to more care than you can afford. Our prices are available up-front and we participate with nearly all insurance carriers. We are proud of the high value we deliver through measurable change on every single visit.

Long-Term Freedom from Pain

Spinal stability is the key to long-term results. Dr. Steve's unique approach is designed to achieve this quickly and build from that stable platform.